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Solutions that work

Fibre & Wireless Internet

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) installation, where fibre is pulled from the street to residential complexes, homes and/or offices. Microwave wireless internet is offered where fibre isn't yet feasible.

VoIP Telephone Systems

A fully-featured cloud-based system enables team collaboration with features such as presenceawareness, chat, voicemail, call-waiting, mobileextensions and call centre features.

ICT Equipment & Support

We source various IT equipment from motherboards to screens, printers and scanners. Our support services: Teamviewer support, Network support, Hardware support, Network cabling, Wi-Fi signal optimisation

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About us

The Broadband Company (Pty) Ltd. is an Information and Communications Technology company operating in the connectivity space. We are driving broadband penetration in under-serviced areas, providing access to information for enterprises and communities.Our competency is to enable your business to perform optimally with connectivity as a tool to achieve your objectives, explore new territories and take your business to new heights.We are passionate about our environment and are conscious to use connectivity to the benefit of our communities.